Associate Professor
School of Computer Science & Engineering

Sun Yat-sen University

Guangzhou, China 51005

Email: zhangxw79 AT

> About

Xianwei is an Associate Professor (2020 - ) at Sun Yat-sen University. During 2017-2020, he worked in AMD Inc. (Research & RTG) on hardware and software designs for compute-optimized GPUs. He completed his Ph.D. (2017) in the Computer Science Department at University of Pittsburgh, and obtained his Bachelor's (2011) degree from Northwestern Polytechnical University. More info can be found in LinkedIn.

> Research

Topics: GPU, Compiling, Memory System, HPC, Intelligent Computing, Simulation/Modeling/Profiling
Xianwei's research interests lie broadly in hardware and software co-designs to improve the performance and efficiency of computing systems. A particular emphasis is on GPU computing and memory system design around the critical aspects of latency, energy and bandwidth, etc.

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2023 Mengyue Xi Han Huang# Wenyuan Liang Hengzhong Liang
Wenxuan Pan Aoyuan Sun Zhongchun Zheng
2022 Zejia Lin[phd] Chun-yu Chen Tianyu Guo Tianyi Zhang
Xuanteng Huang[phd]# Yuhao Gu[phd]# Zhaowen Shan
2021 Kan Wu[phd]# Yinchuan Guo Lianghong Huang
Alum. Tianao Ge (ms22, phd@Hkust-gz) Zewei Mo (ms22, Intel->phd@upitt)
Yue Weng (ms23, Nvidia)#

> Teaching

- Undergraduate
§ DCS290 - Compilation Principle, [2024s, 2023s, 2022s, 2021s].
§ DCS3013 - Computer Architecture, [2022f].
- Graduate
§ DCS5637/6207 - Advanced Computer Architecture, [2023f, 2022f, 2021f].

> Publications

[ see full publication list ]
§ [DAC'24]. T. Guo, X. Huang, K. Wu, X. Zhang and N. Xiao, SMILE: LLC-based Shared Memory Expansion to Improve GPU Thread Level Parallelism
§ [ICCD'23]. Z. Lin, Z. Mo, X. Huang, X. Zhang and Y. Lu, KeSCo: Compiler-based Kernel Scheduling for Multi-task GPU Applications
§ [LCTES'22]. T. Ge, Z. Mo, K. Wu, X. Zhang and Y. Lu, RollBin: Reducing Code-size via Loop Rerolling at Binary Level
§ [MEMSYS'20]. X. Zhang and E. Shcherbakov, DELTA: Validate GPU Memory Profiling with Microbenchmarks
§ [IISWC'19]. T. Ta, X. Zhang, A. Gutierrez and B. Beckmann, Autonomous Data-Race-Free GPU Testing
§ [HPCA'18]. A. Gutierrez, B. Beckmann, A. Dutu, J. Gross, M. LeBeane, J. Kalamatianos, O. Kayiran, M. Poremba, B. Potter, S. Puthoor, M. Sinclair, M. Wyse, J. Yin, X. Zhang, A. Jain, and T. Rogers. Lost in Abstraction: Pitfalls of Analyzing GPUs at the Intermediate Language Level.
§ [PACT'17]. X. Zhang, Y. Zhang, B. Childers and J. Yang, DrMP: Mixed Precision-aware DRAM for High Performance Approximate and Precise Computing
§ [HPCA'16]. X. Zhang, Y. Zhang, B. Childers and J. Yang, Restore Truncation for Performance Improvement in Future DRAM Systems

> Miscellaneous

- Honors/Awards
§ [2019] AMD® Spotlight Award
§ [2016] Andrew Mellon Fellowship
§ [2013] Best Paper Award of ISLPED
§ [2009] Tencent® Technology Excellence Scholarship
- Services
§ [ERC] MICRO (IEEE/ACM Int'l Sym. on Microarchitecture) - 2020
§ [TPC] ICCD (IEEE Int’l Conf. on Computer Design) - 2020, 2019, 2018